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Tank Accessories

BoatWide Catalogue |  Tank Accessories

Connectors and adapters

Hosetails, hose adaptors, adaptors between different sized hoses

Anti-odour filters

Black water anti odour filter, CAN filter Microvent filter. Replacement parts for anti odour filters

Hosetails for custom and moulded tanks

Polipropilene hosetails, Nylon hosetails, Nipples, Sockets, dip tubes

Senders and Gauges, level monitors

Level sensors, senders, gauges. External sensors with SensaLevel and SensaTank. Ultrasonic sensors, Wema flotation sensors, Teleflex sensors

Hatches and Caps

Hatches. Wema hatch, Vetus hatch, Henderson hatch, Nuts and Bolts hatch. Plugs and seals