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Hatches and Caps

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Hatch black standardHatch black standard
Nitrile seal (NBR). This hatch can be used for Drinking Water, Grey Water, Black Water.

Not for Petrol.

150mm External diameter
Hole size 115mm
Total height when installed 5mm

One of our customers said " The hatch is installed and tested perfectly. Fantastic, Thank you"

Instalacion: Use vaseline for maintenance of the seal. Install the hatch, hand tighten and make 3,5 turns with a spanner

We will install the hatch in a tank ordered from us for no extra charge

How to install the black hatch

Price: €32,00 (€38,72 IVA including 21%)

Screw Cap 55mm. For BoatWide Custom Made Tanks in PolyethyleneScrew Cap 55mm. For BoatWide Custom Made Tanks in Polyethylene
Screw Cap 55mm diameter. 34mm iinternal hole for welded socket. Threaded 1 1/2" BSP. Cork seal.

Useful for 4x4 or other vehicle/motorcaravan users to be able to add a hose with pump. Easy to open and close
It has a blue air screw vent which can be open or closed

Included is the socket that can be welded into a BoatWide custom made polyethylene tanks
Instalation is included in the custom made tank price

Price: €18,00 (€21,78 IVA including 21%)

Hatch BlueHatch Blue
Hatch for Diesel, Petrol and Water

Diameter 178mm

It has a male thread 1 1/2" BSP in order to put the red screw cap with vent (included) or it can have a straight or elbow hosetail (not included).

It has a vent of 16mm/19mm. Feed 11mm. Female thread (blanked off) 3/8" for the return (to be drilled if needed).
Blank plug with 5 holes (format SAE5) to put the level sensor

It comes with a flexible tube with max 400mm height of tank

Maintain the seal with vaseline.

See bigger photo

Price: €52,00 (€62,92 IVA including 21%)

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1. Hosetail kit for the blue hatch
Vetus Hatch 160mmVetus Hatch 160mm

Not for Diesel or Petrol

Hatch for Drinking Water or Black Water.

Total diameter 160mm

Diametro del acceso 100mm

Altura 9mm

Incluido 6 x M5 A4 inox tornillos, arandelas y tuercas

Nota: Mantener la junta del acceso con Vaselina.

Nota: No incluido una junta de montaje. Se puede montar con silicona o una junta de neopreno/nitrilo

Price: €18,00 (€21,78 IVA including 21%)

Installation options