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Tanks and Custom made items

BoatWide Catalogue |  Tanks and Custom made items

Custom made tanks

High Quality Custom Made Tanks. CE Certified. Made from High Density Polyethylene

The tanks are built for strength with baffles. They are pressure tested to 0,3Kg/cm2 (30Kpa, 3000Kg/m2)

Please send a drawing of the tank with measurements and we can make a quotation, including transport costs

To be sure of the measurements, make a model of the tank in cardboard and tape, or send us the old tank to copy

Delivery to all locations, Mainland Spain, Balearics, Canarias, Portugal

BoatWide, SL - the original custom made tank manufacturer in Spain

Moulded tanks

Perfect for boatbuilders, nautical companies, vehicle/caravan manufacturers, or other industrial applications. The range of moulded tanks is also available to individuals with a single tank requirement